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Anno Orange & Honey Gin

Anno Orange & Honey Gin

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A rich and nutty, tantalising infusion containing handpicked sloes and our multi-award winning Anno Kent Dry Gin. While it is designed to be enjoyed neat, you can add a little bit more creativity to the mix with Sicilian lemonade, ginger beer or as a Sloe Royale with your favourite Prosecco. 

A long, fruity flavour with a hint of sweetness that slowly smoulders, culminating in deep warmth. Bottom notes of woodland and floral botanicals also come from the base gin

Alcohol: 29%

Tasting Notes: Initially a big berry hit followed by a fantastic nuttiness emerging from the sloe stones. It is also smooth, complex and enticing, with port-like richness

Nose: A highly aromatic, rich, and fruity bouquet with a distinctively almond nose