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About Us

English Reserve was started by Matt and Andy in the fashion of all great business ventures; following a conversation in the pub.  With decades of experience in Sales and Marketing and E-Commerce we felt it was time to put our hard-won knowledge to work.  

The tricky question was what product?

Staring into our glasses, we tried to summon some inspiration.  Happily, it was there, staring us right back in the face.

Living in the heart of Kent, we are at the epicentre of the English wine revolution. Having had a very enjoyable visit to the vineyard that overlooks our village, we'd already started to develop a swelling sense of pride for our local wonder product.  It was therefore an easy step to decide to dive headlong into the river of English wine and see where it would take us.

Many corks popped, many vineyard visited and many hours spent researching have led to this site. We hope you like it as much our wines and other products.