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Redhill Farm Estate Cabernet Noir
Redhill Farm Estate Cabernet Noir

Redhill Farm Estate Cabernet Noir

Redhill Farm Estate
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They Say

100% English Cabernet Noir grapes grown on the estate. A Swiss hybrid of Cabernet Sauvignon and an unknown variety develop by Valentin Blattner in 1991. It is a resistant to mildews so requires lower or no chemical input both in the vineyard and winery. The variety has a is a slower growing variety due to its smaller leaves and canopy development. Picked late from the single plot and beautifully clean bunches. 

 By getting it into the winery quickly, removing the stems from the bunches and macerating for 10 days punching down the skins into the must encouraging the interaction with the skins and fermenting juices. One third is fermented and aged in barrel during malolactic and then on lees for 6 months. After it is racked and bottled

Grapes: Cabernet Noir

Appearance: A rich garnet core with a ruby red rim.

Nose:  Dark fruit, currants, bel pepper and vanilla.

Tasting Notes: Like a rich American cabernet. The flavours of ripe damsons, dark fruits black and bell pepper. Potentially the fullest bodied red wine in the UK we are very proud of the production

Food Pairing: Great in front of a warm fire or wholesome foods